With Me

When you choose to enter into a Coaching Relationship with me, I create a highly personalized container of support, within which you will be able to create a new Vision for Yourself. I will assist you in exploring the fabric of your internal landscape, while creating a unique toolkit of practices that will propel you into a Radically Embodied Life.

One – on – One Coaching sessions happen either by phone or Skype, where you have my undivided attention while in the privacy of your home. Each session is intuitively tailored for your current needs and our long-term goals. You will receive written exercises, audio recordings, and resources, as needed.


…as Women strengthen and embolden one another, the entire world benefits…

” I am an Empowerment Catalyst, a work in progress, a force of nature and a profound lover of humans. I find myself particularly inspired by the work I do with women, both in groups and one on one. My focus continues to be on the Radical Embodiment of the feminine, the return to the “down and in” path. The ancient path of remembering and reclaiming my power through my body is one I never grow weary of walking down and it gives me great joy to guide others toward the reclaiming of their own Radical Embodiment.


Movement and sound are my most powerful tools and teachers and as a dancer, yogini, singer, poet and songwriter, I find the more deeply we claim our Embodiment, the more clearly we can share our unique voices with the world.


My experience as a mother to a daughter and as a daughter to a mother has shaped the teacher I have become. Building a home from clay, sand and straw established my foundation and taught me, first hand, that having a vision and taking risks on behalf of that vision is worth 10 PhD’s!! Living for a year in a yurt with no electricity as a single Mother to a 6 year old daughter while building my Cob home enlivened and expanded my sense of humor and my belief that anything is possible with a vision and strong intention.


I have had the honor of studying with numerous gifted teachers throughout my life and I have gained tremendous insight from each and every one. Each person I have had the honor to meet along this wild and unexplainable mystery that is life on Earth has been a teacher to me and I bow to you all. Ultimately it has been my own on the ground embodied experiences that have given me the deepest wisdom and I have found that my greatest joy arises as I support Women who long to be more Radically Embodied. As I support you, I support myself. I believe that as Women strengthen and embolden one another, the entire world benefits.”  ~ Madgalena

I have worked with…

“Magdalena held an incredible space for all that I am. She guided me into seeing the message behind every emotion. She held me safely so that I could dive deep into the unknown darkness of my feminine womb space and into my own Radical Embodiment. Radical Embodiment is a life lived from our sacred knowing, that instills deep listening and self trust. It is a life of groundedness and calm. It is a life of sweet abundant time. Radical Embodiment is a life of the truest freedom and the deepest love one can imagine. It is because of my healing sessions with Magdalena and the teachings of Radical Embodiment that, now, with a song in heart, a smile on my face, and a swing in my hips I playfully get to skip to the beat of my own drum.”

— Carrie Smith

“Magdalena’s women’s circles have transformed my life. As a strong and independent woman who often carries more than my share, I can come to the sacred space she creates and lay everything down. She gives me the tools to remember and return to my deep self, release my pain, anger, fear, and doubt. Then I feel I return to the world as my best self.”

— Rachel Lazarus

“Magdalena taught me how to claim my power and my strength as a woman by helping me watch what’s happening inside and identify and pull on the core strings. Magdalena intuitively talks about what resonates deep inside, with wise and clear words. She has a good and true juju, no doubt about it.”

— Claire Potin

“In a moment of my life when I felt hurt, betrayed and vulnerable, Magdalena was delicate with me but powerful in her work. I felt released, supported and a big part of my pain was gone.”

— Danielle, spiritual coach and best-seller author

“Magdalena really listens and easily finds my core issues. Then she helps me find the love of self and regain my sovereignty. She has a calming nurturing approach that helps me discover the keys to unlock and unblock.”

— C.C.

“Magdalena skillfully guided me to my longing by masterfully mirroring back to me our conversation, beyond just the words we exchanged. In just one session we got to the core of my real issue and resolved this by meditative processes and good coaching.”

— A.K., Germany

“Magdalena has an innate ability to awaken the energetic centers of the body, helping me cultivate a profound effect on my ability to physically experience more sensation, more love, more joy and a sublime remembering of who I am. “

— Bethleen

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