This is Radical Embodiment…

What is Radical Embodiment and why is it relevant to you, a woman of this 21st Century? I use the word radical because I believe that this time calls for radical women who are alive to the discord and alive to the beauty of this time on earth.

Radical Embodiment is a committed stance that a woman makes on behalf of herself in order to be able to respond to life as a creatrix, a mother, a lover, a president. Radical Embodiment is practical and grounded in the most spacious and sacred temple you will ever experience: your body and the bigger body that some call Great Spirit, Goddess/God, Mystery.

Radical Embodiment is for all women of this right now time, women who are fierce and complicated and curious and real and tender and confused. A woman like you who wants to be a creative force on behalf of the big love, on behalf of seed planting, on behalf of justice and communion. A woman like you who may swear lustily, laugh loudly,and pray with your body at the church of the dance floor, a woman full of reverent irreverence. A woman like you who longs for a bigger sense of your own innate embodied wisdom, who wants practical tools that can support you in maintaining your deep, soft, resolute conviction as you make a difference to the people around you and to the world at large.

You matter to me, your desire to step in to your vision, your desire to step in to your next version of yourself matters to me. I can offer you simple, real and enduring tools that will drop you down and in to your profound and native woman self so that you can drop below the chaos and give your truth, your gift from that place. I look forward to it sister.

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