Your Living Temple…

What does it mean to be Radically Embodied?  You may say: “My body is my temple.”  But how does it really feel to be a temple, to be a place where prayer lives, where a fire is tended every day, where an altar sits at the center of this Holy space, fresh flowers and sacred oils sweetening the air?

Your body is with you from first breath to last, it is your train, your plane, your vessel.  Your body is the registry of all of your experience, your loss, your bliss, your love. It is a mystery inside of the Mystery. To be Radically Embodied is to choose to notice this mystery and to begin to live from the center of your experience beginning with your very own temple. To be Radically Embodied is to choose to dive down and in to the Wisdom, to the treasure that is contained in your body and to then live from that place, love from that place, create from that place. Trusting your voice as it rises directly from the deep well that is your Radically Embodied self, you can then share and embolden others to claim their unique versions of power.  You will dive deep and deeper still and you will always find yourself here.

This living as a Radically Embodied Woman is not necessarily the easy path. In fact, the further down and in you travel, the more deeply will you feel. Feeling all of life ;  crying the tears that are there to be cried, letting the anger rumble through you like an earthquake, dancing all of the wild joy as it ripples up and out of you like a geyser. Knowing and allowing the wave upon wave of grief after a loss and still ultimately choosing to surface for the inhale. This is what it is to be a Radically Embodied woman, to be alive in and in love with your embodied experience, to reference yourself first.

This Radically Embodied path is not one of arrival and it is never linear. It is sinewy, like a snake, twisting and curving over the changing landscape of your life. It is messy and unpredictable wild and never, ever dull. It is a choice and an invitation. Welcome.

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