I’m feeling like Spring…

I’m feeling a quality of stopping and starting. I’m feeling a longing for something that strikes a balance between simplicity and earth shattering complexity. I want to ask all of the big questions and just keep trying to answer them with my questing, questioning pen, with the deep exchanges with other humans. I want to translate all of my awe and my rage and my joy beyond joy into my dance, into something beautiful. I want to be seen and heard, and I feel ecstatic when I hear you, all of you. When I see you walking down the street all beautiful and shy, all bold and bright, some hiding inside layers of costume, I am feeling the wordless longing to connect in the space of silence, inside of this miracle.  I am feeling so impatient and so tremulous with all of this passion flaming inside of me. I am feeling grateful for this little moment, for this opportunity to share. I am feeling a little desperate, a little afraid that I might not give it all, that I might curtail this wildness in me and try again to put a cap on it, impossible though that is to sustain !

I’m just not willing to listen anymore to the cacophony of crackly old voices from the past that team up to say, ” Hey, pipe down, quite showing off, who do you think you are ?! ” It’s time to break out, open it up, say it, cry, dance, take the risk, jump off that imaginary cliff; one of us doing it enables the rest of us to try it. Doing it doesn’t have to mean hardscrabble, striving, pain , efforting, exhausting, anxiety producing work, work, work. Doing “it” can be a slow simmering pot of soup made quietly with great love and sweetness, all color and tongue tip brightness. Time to make a Spring soup, I’ll bring poppies for the table.

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