Ignite Passion

How do we traverse the field of flames, how do we nourish the bonfire without creating a conflagration, a burning out of control? The fire within us, our passion, the flame of our desire, the spark of an idea;  how can we maintain the steady glow, when we feel “burned out”?

What coaxes a flame up from a dimly glowing coal?  What blossoms a fire into a mad raging destruction?  The same thing, the exact same element presented in two different ways. Air – our breath, the wind.
How is your flame being cultivated? Is it there, within you, burning bright and steady? Are you maintaining the steady breath of your attention? Can you feel its presence at all, or have the coals died down, feeling dark and cold at your center?

Perhaps you are a walking, raging forest fire, consuming all that is in your path, your flames kept hot and hard by the constant wind of your exhale, your steady expression of anger, rage, disappointment.
Wherever you find yourself, there is the fire that is within you, waiting for your attention.
To ignite ourselves, to invite ourselves, to coax our little ember or our conflagration into a steady bright flame of inspiration, requires first our loving inward gaze, our kind attention.
One of the ways we can begin this process of claiming our fire is to notice the words we use, the words that jumble from our mouths unheeded, “I’m on fire today!” “That (she/he) just burns me up!” “I am so burnt out.” “She’s a fireball.”

Our language is one way home.

This isn’t a noticing filled with judgment and punishment, “I shouldn’t feel this way. My fire shouldn’t be this way.” You are feeling what you are feeling, that is the only truth you need right now and the first sweet and tender baby step is to simply drop down and in and find out what you are feeling in the first place. Not why, not how, just…what.

What does my flame even feel like right now? Is it even there? No right, no wrong, just simply looking within, in order to cultivate your fire, to make your passion your beloved guide.

To burn steady and bright from within will amplify your radiance and you will benefit from the warmth that inspires new ideas and action. Lean into the attraction your body has to the warmth, to the heat of your own passion. Passion does not have to begin with burning down the house!

To ignite the spark is the first movement toward a steady, strong blaze. A carefully prepared and tended hearth is a process that calls for patience and attention.

Now, before I go on, let me share with you that while Patience may be a “virtue,” I have not been tremendously virtuous, either with myself or others. I have had to cultivate patience and as I have done so, I have learned how to tend and maintain my inner fire. Breath, sound, and movement have become my mantra where fire is concerned and I’d love to share with you some practical juicy steps you can take to create a well-tended blaze.

To begin, cast your bright and brilliant mind back into the annals of your memory field and call up any instances where you flamed up and perhaps out of control. Perhaps someone “made” you angry, or some situation called forth a blaze of fire from your mouth in reaction. Notice whether this is your go to, your native field. Or you may be one who moves back and away from any version of confrontation, deciding to bank your fire way back until there is almost no warmth at all. Your go to might be generally to “swallow” your fire back into your throat where it burns with all that is unsaid. You may be somewhere in between, but most of us have a default mode when it comes to our fire.

Wherever you find yourself on the spectrum, the way to balance, to a well tended and warming fire that nourishes you is your breath, your movement, and your sound. A simple tool that can go with you everywhere and that works in any and all situations to establish a steady responsiveness is something that I call the womb breath. To clarify, even if your physical womb is not present in your body, as a human who identifies as a woman, there is I believe ever present a “womb space” that exists energetically in your body.

The womb breath practice is simple and effective and goes like this: palm of your left hand gently across your womb space (2 fingers or so below your belly button), long, slow breath drawn in through your nose, a loosened jaw and softly parted lips and a long, slow exhale through your gently opened mouth allowing a sigh, a moan, a groan depending on where you find yourself ! Do this at least 3 times and when I say slow, I mean slow! I use this quite often while driving ( yes, one hand on the wheel, one hand on my womb!!) when faced with my tendency to react with impatience with those folks who decide to drive in ways that I find to be disturbing. Inside my car when my fire is threatening to go out of control, I allow a lot of sound to come with each exhale, a lot!! It works, each and every time to create a space of more patience, more calm, more compassion. If you find yourself confronted by a fiery type who doesn’t yet practice the womb breath and you have been quenching and swallowing your fire and long to speak your truth firmly and with both clarity and presence, the womb breath works in a slightly different way to provide your flame with the breath of your intention in order that you may build your fire to activate your voice. My advice to you is to simply try it and feel into what actually happens for you. You, beautiful woman, are the expert when it comes to your own experience. Let me know how this goes for you sister, I long to hear from you. Here’s to a beautiful and well tended fire!!

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