An Un-Moored Balloon

An Un-Moored Balloon

How often have I walked into a space filled with people, moving forward like a tugboat; leading with my head? Only to find myself floating some ways above the ground, like an un-moored helium balloon. Typically in that space, that ungrounded, mind-centric realm, I would speak too loudly of concepts and thrust forth intellectual captivations creating bantering, ping pong table conversations, my voice entering the room from a constricted throat, the disenfranchised lower body ignored. On those occasions I created an inflated sense of power, erecting words around me like a shield. If at all possible, I would add alcohol to the mix, further separating me from my body; certainly distancing me from my womb space, from my legs and feet and ultimately from the Earth, my home.

Our home is really a series of concentric circles, starting with the place where it seems everything mysteriously arises; our body. What exactly is the body if not a home to our soul, to our thoughts, to our movement through time and space?

Without launching into a quantum physics rant, I would describe our body as the universe turned outside in, we are made of earth, air, fire and water; literally carbon molecules from dead stars. Whew… and everybody, including you and me, share another home, our startlingly complex and amazing Earth.

Everybody and everything originates from the Earth, every particle of clothing, every building, all of our food, water, etc. We are, then, beings of the earth and the stars, literally! As humans over the many years, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds that we have been here, we have pulled ourselves away from the Earth and toward space and the cosmos and while that is a natural trajectory, something has gone missing from many of us women; our connection through our bodies to the Earth has been watered down, thinned, or for some of us, dried up completely.

We know what happens in a drought, the land becomes cracked and arid, planets die and refuse to re-seed, and creatures grow thirsty and leave to find more verdant terrain. When we are distant from our relationship to our Earth, we find ourselves ungrounded or un-earthed. Sometimes this relationship has been usurped by a focus on what I call “Up and Out,” that urge to always ascend, rather than descend. We can become “heady,” “spacey,” “pedantic,” etc.
How can we begin the journey down and in, right here, right now, returning to our home, to our place on Earth? I speak of the womb space because I don’t want to dance around this feminine power, the chalice, the dark space of possibility and creativity. We call it our “belly,” our “gut,” further distancing us as women from our sacred center. And this sacred center is directly fed through our re-confirmed connection to the Earth below us.

By awakening and renewing a relationship to the Earth through our womb space, we re-ground ourselves. We re-inhabit the sacred temple that is this body and by re-confirming this relationship, again and again, our wisdom, our powerful authority, can be nourished and fed with the attention of our intention, and that power can rise naturally to our hearts, into our throats, and out into the world with a new vibration.

We can be effective communicators, creators, dancers of life, when we take the time to re-orient ourselves to the Earth. From this grounded space we are available to the inspirations that come in from above and then the sky truly is the limit!!!

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