Are you a strong and powerful woman with a big vision, but you’ve been wearing the wrong pair of glasses ?
Would you love to experience your femininity without losing your power ?
Are you ready to dive deep and excavate the treasures of your own life experience, transforming pain to the gem of your own offering in the world ?

You are a woman of purpose who has a deep desire to live on purpose. You are a woman of strength with a real longing to drop the striving. You are a woman who yearns to serve from the overflow, rather than the dry riverbed. You are a woman of the 21st Century who can hear the call of the ancient knowing. You are a woman standing at the edge of a precipice, tender and willing for your wings to open and carry you into the new. You are a creatrix, a force of nature, a song wanting to be heard and you are unwilling to wait one more minute to share your gift.

Radical Embodiment is in service to your emergence, offering inspiration and practical support as you unleash the powerful woman you are. In support of an integration of all of your parts and providing you with practices that return you to an awareness of your body as the altar of your life. This is an invitation to connect with yourself as an embodied woman and to join the powerful collective that is the sisterhood.

A Woman who works with me will find …
A clarity in her knowing of where she is going and how to best travel there.
A way to put herself first in her own life without feeling “selfish.”
That her vulnerability and transparency will lead to an authentic and embodied power.
A sustainable way to give to others and the world from a place of fullness ; to serve from the overflow.
A new sense of discernment that rises directly from her own body.
A way to feel all of her feelings by adopting Radical Embodiment practices that give her a new way to work with the energy of emotions, rather than the “story.”
A new toolkit of real practices that she can build upon.
A way to experience personal responsibility, to become sovereign and stop blaming others. Live a beautiful and juicy life based on her own design as an embodied and empowered Warrior of Love.

“Find Your Place On The Altar”
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